We strive to keep our website accessible in accordance with the requirements set out in the standard WCAG 2.1. There are several different ways of navigating the website.

Accessibility report

Here you can find our latest accessibility report, where you can see what we are still working to improve.

Website accessibility report

Keyboard navigation

If you do not use the mouse to navigate, you can use the keyboard instead:

  • To return to the previous page, press ALT + left ARROW. To scroll forward, press ALT + right ARROW.
  • To select a link, move using the TAB key and click enter when you come to the link. To return to the previous link, press ALT + TAB key.

Change the website’s appearance

You can adapt the appearance of our website to better suit your needs using the browser menu via Tools/Options. In most modern browsers, you can also change the size of the text by scrolling the mouse wheel or clicking on + or - while holding down the Ctrl key.