Financial stability

The Debt Office’s mandate for financial stability is to manage banks in crisis. This entails responsibility for resolution, the deposit insurance scheme, the investor compensation scheme and precautionary government support.

Foto: Karolina Holmberg

Karolina Holmberg
Head of Financial stability and consumer protection

The Department for Financial Stability has a staff of around 20 divided into two divisions: the Division for Large Institutions, and the Division for Mid-sized and Small Institutions.

Large Institutions

The Division for Large Institutions is in charge of resolution planning and crisis management for the major cross-border banking groups active in Sweden – Danske Bank, Nordea, Handelsbanken, SEB and Swedbank.

The division’s responsibilities include drafting resolution plans for the Swedish groups, developing methods for implementing a resolution procedure, working with the relevant financial policy and regulatory issues, and representing the Debt Office in various international contexts. The division is also responsible for the resolution fee and matters in connection with the Debt Office’s role as a support authority.

Karolina Holmberg
Acting Head of unit

Mid-sized and Small Institutions

The Division for Mid-sized and Small Institutions is in charge of crisis management (resolution) of banks and credit institutions within this category, which comprises approximately 160 institutions. The mandate includes assessing which institutions are to be managed through resolution in the event of default, or wound up through bankruptcy or liquidation. If an institution is deemed subject to resolution, a resolution plan is then drawn up that includes the choice of resolution strategy and measures as well as the Minimum requirement for own funds and eligible liabilities (MREL).

The division is also responsible for the deposit insurance and investor compensation schemes. Just over 130 institutions are affiliated to the deposit insurance scheme, and the investor compensation scheme covers just over 200 institutions.

Björn van der Veer
Head of unit

Central Counterparties

The Division for Central Counterparties is in charge of resolution planning for central counterparties. They are companies that serve as intermediaries between buyers and sellers in a financial transaction.

Anna Lidberg
Head of unit