Member banks and institutions

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List of member institutions
Banking companies
Institute name Corporate identity number Account types
Avanza Bank AB 556573-5668 Show
Bluestep Bank AB (publ) 556717-5129 Show
Carnegie Investment Bank AB 516406-0138 Show
Erik Penser Bank AB 556097-8701 Show
ICA Banken AB 516401-0190 Show
Ikano Bank AB (publ) 516406-0922 Show
Klarna Bank AB 556737-0431 Show
Landshypotek Bank Aktiebolag 556500-2762 Show
Länsförsäkringar Bank Aktiebolag 516401-9878 Show
Lea finans AB 559465-8196
Marginalen Bank Bankaktiebolag 516406-0807 Show
MedMera Bank Aktiebolag 556091-5018 Show
NOBA Bank Group AB (publ) 556647-7286 Show
Nordnet Bank AB 516406-0021 Show
Norion Bank AB 556597-0513 Show
Northmill Bank AB 556709-4866 Show
OK-Q8 Bank AB 556008-0441 Show
Ölands Bank AB 516401-0034 Show
Qred Bank AB 559008-9800
Resurs Bank Aktiebolag 516401-0208 Show
SBAB Bank AB (publ) 556253-7513 Show
SEB Kort Bank AB 556574-6624
Skandiabanken Aktiebolag (publ) 516401-9738 Show
Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB 502032-9081 Show
Sörmlands Sparbank AB 516406-1243 Show
Sparbanken Alingsås AB (publ) 556809-0855 Show
Sparbanken Bergslagen AB 516406-1185 Show
Sparbanken Eken AB 516406-0674 Show
Sparbanken Göinge AB 516406-0716 Show
Sparbanken Lidköping AB (publ) 516401-0166 Show
Sparbanken Rekarne AB 516401-9928 Show
Sparbanken Sjuhärad AB (publ) 516401-9852 Show
Sparbanken Skåne AB (publ) 516401-0091 Show
Sparbanken Skaraborg AB (publ) 516401-0141 Show
Svea Bank AB 556158-7634 Show
Svenska Handelsbanken AB 502007-7862 Show
Swedbank AB 502017-7753 Show
TF Bank AB 556158-1041 Show
Tjustbygdens Sparbank Bankaktiebolag 516401-0224 Show
Varbergs Sparbank AB (publ) 516401-0158 Show
Vimmerby Sparbank AB 516401-0174 Show
Ziklo Bank AB 556069-0967 Show
Credit-market companies
Institute name Corporate identity number Account types
AB Sveriges Säkerställda Obligationer (publ) 556645-9755
AK Nordic AB 556197-8825 Show
Aktiebolaget Svensk Exportkredit 556084-0315
Aros Kapital AB 556669-3130 Show
Avarda AB 559310-4697 Show
Avida Finans AB (publ) 556230-9004 Show
Borgo AB (publ) 559153-2303 Show
Brocc Finance AB 556058-8740 Show
Coeli Finans AB 559417-4483
Danske Hypotek AB 559001-4154
De Lage Landen Finans AB 556203-0576
Ecster AB 556993-2311 Show
EnterCard Group AB 556673-0585
Finans 24/7 Sverige AB 559091-5194
Froda AB 556999-3388
Handelsbanken Finans Aktiebolag 556053-0841
Hoist Finance AB (publ) 556012-8489 Show
Kommuninvest i Sverige AB 556281-4409
Länsförsäkringar Hypotek AB (publ) 556244-1781
Lantmännen Finans AB 556664-8118 Show
Moank AB 559000-0237 Show
Nordea Finans Sverige AB 556021-1475
Nordea Hypotek Aktiebolag (publ) 556091-5448
Nordiska kreditmarknadsaktiebolaget (publ) 556760-6032 Show
Nstart AB 556976-4110 Show
PayEx Sverige AB 556735-5671 Show
Qliro AB 556962-2441 Show
Serafim Finans AB 556654-9191 Show
Siemens Financial Services AB 556256-4129
Stadshypotek AB 556459-6715
Swedbank Hypotek AB 556003-3283
Telia Finance Aktiebolag 556404-6661
Toyota Material Handling Commercial Finance AB 556032-5002
Wasa Kredit AB 556311-9204
Institute name Corporate identity number Account types
Ekobanken medlemsbank 516401-9993 Show
JAK Medlemsbank 516401-9969 Show
Savings banks
Institute name Corporate identity number Account types
Ålems Sparbank 532800-6282 Show
Åse Viste Sparbank 569000-6670 Show
Åtvidabergs Sparbank 522001-5886 Show
Bjursås Sparbank 583201-2495 Show
Dalslands Sparbank 562500-5243 Show
Ekeby Sparbank 543002-7341 Show
Falkenbergs Sparbank 549000-5484 Show
Fryksdalens Sparbank 574000-3420 Show
Hälsinglands Sparbank 587500-7196 Show
Häradssparbanken Mönsterås 532800-6209 Show
Högsby Sparbank 532800-6217 Show
Ivetofta Sparbank i Bromölla 538201-3109 Show
Kinda-Ydre Sparbank 522001-5985 Show
Laholms Sparbank 549201-6059 Show
Lekebergs Sparbank 575001-9803 Show
Leksands Sparbank 583201-2529 Show
Lönneberga-Tuna-Vena Sparbank 533200-5189 Show
Markaryds sparbank 529000-8506 Show
Mjöbäcks Sparbank 565000-6520 Show
Norrbärke Sparbank 583800-5246 Show
Orusts Sparbank 558500-7999 Show
Roslagens Sparbank 514400-7399 Show
Sala Sparbank 579500-4133 Show
Sidensjö sparbank 589600-6219 Show
Skurups Sparbank 548000-7409 Show
Snapphanebygdens Sparbank 537000-9598 Show
Södra Hestra Sparbank 528500-6408 Show
Sölvesborg-Mjällby Sparbank 536200-9457 Show
Sparbanken Boken 537600-6234 Show
Sparbanken Gotland 534000-5775 Show
Sparbanken i Enköping 517000-6505 Show
Sparbanken i Karlshamn 536200-9481 Show
Sparbanken Nord 598800-4817 Show
Sparbanken Syd 548000-7425 Show
Sparbanken Tanum 555900-2695 Show
Sparbanken Tranemo 565500-6152 Show
Sparbanken Västra Mälardalen 578500-7120 Show
Tidaholms Sparbank 567200-4883 Show
Tjörns Sparbank 553300-7943 Show
Ulricehamns Sparbank 565500-6145 Show
Vadstena Sparbank 524000-5719 Show
Virserums Sparbank 533200-5247 Show
Westra Wermlands Sparbank 572000-4489 Show
Foreign bank branch
Institute name Corporate identity number Account types
Ålandsbanken Abp(Finland),svensk filial 516406-0781 Show
Danske Bank A/S, Danmark, Sverige Filial 516401-9811
DNB Bank ASA, filial Sverige 516406-0161 Show
Express Bank Sverige Filial (SevenDay Bank) 516406-1102 Show
Nordea Bank Abp, filial i Sverige 516411-1683 Show
Investments firms
Institute name Corporate identity number Account types
Garantum Fondkommission Aktiebolag 556668-1531 Show
Mangold Fondkommission AB 556585-1267 Show
Pareto Securities AB 556206-8956 Show
Söderberg & Partners Wealth Management AB 556674-7456 Show