Adopted guidelines for government debt management

News 9 November 2023

Today, the Government decided on guidelines for managing Sweden’s central government debt. The decision for 2024 is consistent with the Swedish National Debt Office’s proposal. This means that we will continue to phase out the foreign currency exposure and steer the inflation-linked share and the maturity towards unaltered targets.

In the guidelines, the Government sets forth among other things how the central government debt is to be composed and what its term to maturity shall be. The objective is to minimise the cost of the debt over the long term while taking account of risk in the management. The Government's decision does not entail any steering changes.

Targets for composition and maturity

  • Inflation-linked krona debt: to be 20 per cent of the central government debt over the long term.
  • Foreign currency exposure: to be gradually phased out and attain the target value of zero as of 2027.
  • Nominal krona debt: In addition to inflation-linked krona debt and exposure in foreign currency, the central government debt is to consist of nominal debt in kronor.
  • Term to maturity (measured as duration): to be between 3.5 and 6 years.

The Government’s press release and guidelines

The Debt Office’s proposed guidelines