Debt Office extends eligibility period for government guarantee programme for companies

Press release 4 June 2020

The Swedish National Debt office is providing loan guarantees for companies that have been impacted financially by the coronavirus crisis. The Debt Office assesses there to be a continued need for the guarantee programme and is therefore extending the period for being eligible to receive a guaranteed loan under the programme.

The eligibility period for the government guarantee programme for companies is set to expire on 30 June 2020. In light of the dialogue with participating banks and credit institutions, the Debt Office has made the assessment that the need for the guarantee programme will remain after 30 June. Therefore, the period for being able to participate in the programme is being extended by three months, to 30 September 2020.

The lenders with which we have a dialogue confirm that many companies prioritise various forms of direct aid over committing to further loans in the current situation. Their impression is that the guarantee programme is largely expected to be in demand as a form of exit support once the acute phase has passed. In light of this, the programme is being extended,” says Director General Hans Lindblad.

The decision to extend the programme is taken within the framework of the Debt Office’s mandate from the Government.


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