Karolina Ekholm takes up position today as Director General of Swedish National Debt Office

Press release 1 February 2022

Karolina Ekholm has extensive experience within macroeconomics and financial stability. Up until starting as Director General of the Swedish National Debt Office, she has been a professor at the Department of Economics, Stockholm University. She has previously served as Deputy Governor of the Riksbank and State Secretary at the Ministry of Finance with responsibility for economic analysis and international economic cooperation.

Karolina Ekholm has experience from the Debt Office through her prior role as a member of the Debt Office’s Scientific Advisory Council. During 2021, she also led a review of the framework for central government debt management.

”The Debt Office has several important duties. We borrow money for the central government when necessary, we ensure payments such as child allowances and pensions are disbursed, we contribute to a stable financial system through among other things deposit insurance, and we contribute to the climate transition by providing green credit guarantees. It is with great humility and pride that I take on the assignment of leading this organisation, and I look forward to working together with all the agency’s skilled employees,” says Karolina Ekholm.

On the first day of her position, Karolina Ekholm will participate in the Riksdag Committee on Finance’s annual open hearing on financial stability. In the afternoon, she will lead her first management team meeting at the Debt Office.

Press photo Director General of Swedish National Debt Office Karolina Ekholm

The Riksdag Committee on Finance’s annual open hearing on financial stability will be live streamed, today Tuesday February 1, 9-11.30 am  (in Swedish)

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